What Drivers Need to Know About Lyft Pink Now

Lyft has introduced a new program to benefit riders to bring the VIP experience to riders. Known as Lyft Pink, the program provides a number of benefits for riders to take advantage of while relying on the services they already use and love. From extras like priority rides when using the app to benefits on … Read more

How to Be a Rideshare Driver with No Car 

inside view of car, looking out windshield

While it may seem like ridesharing is 100% out of the picture if you don’t own a car, the truth is – you have options. To help meet the ever-growing demand for drivers, companies, including Lyft and Uber, have added methods for those without cars. If you’re looking to get out on the road but … Read more

How DoorDash’s New Safety Features Can Help You Stay Safe

In line with the rising trend of rideshare and delivery apps publishing updated safety standards, DoorDash has announced a new round of features. The move addresses growing concerns over delivery persons’ safety and the threats that continue to mount. If you deliver for DoorDash and want to know how these new safety features might impact … Read more

What Are the Best Credit Cards for Gig Workers?

Freelancers and gig workers face unique financial challenges. They often have irregular income, which can make it difficult to qualify for traditional credit cards.  In addition, they may not have access to employer-provided benefits, such as health insurance or retirement savings plans.  As a result, it’s important for gig workers to find credit cards that … Read more