How DoorDash’s New Safety Features Can Help You Stay Safe

In line with the rising trend of rideshare and delivery apps publishing updated safety standards, DoorDash has announced a new round of features.

The move addresses growing concerns over delivery persons’ safety and the threats that continue to mount. If you deliver for DoorDash and want to know how these new safety features might impact your job function, keep reading. 

The decision, which came out roughly a week ago, was debriefed by the DoorDash team.

Upon introducing the changes, the DoorDash team explained that Dasher safety and health have always been paramount to them.

They go on to say that most Dash deliveries are made without any incident at a whopping 99.99% threshold for deliveries without a problem, though there is always room for improvement. 

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Updates to DoorDash Safety Features

SafeDash Check-In

With this safety feature, the DoorDash app will send an automatic notification to check in with the Dasher if the delivery process is taking longer than expected.

If upon check-in, a Dasher indicates that they are feeling unsafe, an ADT agent will call to assess the situation before calling 911 if necessary.

This option is currently being piloted in New York City and Washington D.C. prior to nationwide expansion. 

Real-Time Safety Alerts

Partnering with samdesk, DoorDash has made it possible for orders to be updated and potentially canceled if there was an emergency near pick up or drop off locations.

The idea behind this is that Dashers will be able to stay out of dangerous situations because they unknowingly showed up in a danger zone for delivery or pick up.

In a nutshell, this benefit helps to keep all parties involved on information DoorDash might be privy to knowing.

This feature is first being rolled out in North America, Australia, and New Zealand. 


DoorDash is combatting one of the greatest complaints from Dashers with the SafeChat feature – abusive customers.

Unfortunately, if a delivery is taking longer than expected or there is another issue, a customer is free to berate the Dasher with no consequences.

Now, the SafeChat feature allows a Dasher to report the message in the app and unassign the delivery with no penalty.

So if a customer texts you saying something crude, you can report them, which comes with a warning, and cancel the order.

SafeChat is currently available in North America, Australia, and New Zealand. 

Safety Reporting 

With this feature, a person can report a safety issue before or after a delivery in which they had an incident. A Dasher is able to explain the situation for chat support, helping to report them and corrective action to be taken.

Best of all, the Safety Reporting feature allows Dashers to completely block any deliveries going to that same customer in the future.

That means after reporting them for any unwanted to unnecessary behavior, you’ll never have to serve to encounter them again, protecting a Dasher from further issues by the same customer.

Safety Reporting is currently available in North America, Austria, and New Zealand. 

Porch Light Reminders

Dashers have long complained of the lack of light at delivery addresses that make it difficult to deliver properly.

The Porch Light Reminder reminds customers to turn on their porch light so that the delivery process is easier for their Dasher.

Not only does it help a Dasher find the right place to deliver, but exterior lights also help with staying safe.

The Porch Light Reminder feature is available in North America, Australia, and New Zealand. 

Previous DoorDash Safety Standards

Prior to this expansion of safety features, the company had adopted SafeDash, a program that helped to provide safety for Dashers within the app.

Through this program and with DoorDash’s base efforts, they claim that their safety standards were enough to make everyone feel comfortable using the app, saying,

“We’re proud of the fact that for so many Dashers, especially women, safety is a key reason why DoorDash is their platform of choice.”

Some of those initial safety features provided by SafeDash included 

  • Safety Reassurance Call – Drivers can connect with an ADT agent within the DoorDash app. An ADT representative will remain on the phone or contact 911 if necessary. 
  • Emergency Assistance Button – An in-app button to request assistance easily and discreetly without a Dasher needing to speak. 

Will The New DoorDash Safety Features help Drivers?

With the expansion of SafeDash, some Dashers are bound to feel safer and reap the benefits of the program, but some question if it’s quite enough. 

DoorDash President of Product Rajat Shroff justifies the change with, “When we launched SafeDash a year ago, it was a giant step forward in becoming the platform most trusted by individuals looking for app-based work,” said Rajat Shroff, Vice President of Product at DoorDash. “As we continue to dream big in developing the best earnings platform for supplemental income, we’re excited to roll out our largest safety product update ever, giving Dashers greater peace of mind while on the road.” 

Potential Problems with New DoorDash Safety Features

Some have also pointed out the potential problems of some of these safety features.

For example, when it comes to blocking certain customers, some have wondered if Dashers may take advantage of this benefit to weed out customers who don’t tip enough, effectively limiting their customer base to keep higher tippers in it.

Will customers be able to argue against unjust bannings? If a customer has trouble getting a Dasher for their order, will they be frustrated and leave the platform? Dashers may find the pool of customers dwindling as people grow frustrated with long wait times and similar fallout. 

Final Thoughts 

While there is no way to completely eliminate driver or customer safety concerns on the DoorDash app, these safety features are a step in the right direction.

As feedback continues to roll in, we can expect annual updates regarding safety if the last few years were any indication.

In addition to following general safety tips for gig working, take advantage of the new app-centered safety features to make your experience even safer.