Uber Pro – Everything You Need to Know

After Uber introduced its pro program years ago, the program continues to expand for gig workers. 

The program aims to elevate the role of the driver and provide more benefits to help assure your quality of life while working and enjoying your time off. 

If you’re curious about the program or want to join in, we’ve got everything to know right here. 

How Uber Pro Works

With the Uber Pro program, an enrolled drivers can reap more benefits for the work they’re already doing. 

In a nutshell, every trip that a driver completes counts as a point, with additional bonus points available for select trips, like during rush hour. 

These points accumulate in three-month intervals, and if a certain amount of points is amassed, a driver may be eligible to join the Uber Pro program. 

Keep in mind eligibility is determined using the previous three month’s data, and the months are fixed by Uber. 

  • November – January
  • February – April
  • May – July
  • August – October

Within the Uber Pro program are different “statuses” or levels. The statuses include Blue, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. 

Understanding the Uber Pro Statuses 

So, what do the different Uber Pro levels mean? Let’s break them down. 


No points (available to all)

The most basic but foundational level of the Uber Pro program, Blue status allows for up to 6% cash back on gas and 4% cash back on EV charging for those using an Uber Pro Card. 

Plus, up to 25 cents per gallon via Upside. Drivers may also be able to have free snacks and drinks at 7-Eleven with a minimum $5 purchase. 


300 – 600 (location dependent)

In addition to Blue benefits, Gold status provides 7% cash back on gas and 6% cash back on EV charging when using an Uber Pro Card. 


600 – 1200 (location dependent)

The Platinum Uber Pro status provides the above benefits with the addition of a one-year Costco membership and free snacks and drinks at 7-Eleven with a minimum of $1 purchase. Plus, access to area preferences. 


1200 – 1800 ponts (location dependent)

Diamond is similar to platinum, though Uber Pro Card users can earn up to 10% cash back on gas and 12% on charging. Plus, Diamond members may earn the Diamond Cash Reward. 

Rewards Available with Uber Pro

Curious what the benefits of being an Uber Pro driver are? Recently expanded, the reward option for Uber Pro participants provides more flexibility and a wider breadth of coverage. A quick snapshot includes: 

  • Costco 
  • 7 Eleven
  • Rosetta Stone Enterprise
  • CarAdvise
  • Shell
  • EVgo
  • Upside
  • Stride
  • Urgently
  • Keeper
  • Arizona State University 

These rewards are designed to keep drivers going both on and off the road. With discounts on necessary expenses like fuel and maintenance, Uber aims to help drivers keep more money in their pockets, seemingly helping to offset the fees and associated costs of being a rideshare driver. 

Beyond discounts, new Uber Pro drivers will be able to enjoy a free one-year Costco Gold Star Membership. 

Additionally, drivers interested in education can take advantage of the fully covered tuition to Arizona State University online, as provided by Uber. 

Additional rewards can be found here

Uber Pro Qualification

In addition to a certain number of points, drivers must also meet a few qualification markers. 

  • Star rating: 4.85 or higher 
  • Cancellation rate: for initial eligibility – a 4% cancellation rate or lower

Uber Pro vs. Uber Eats Pro

Uber drivers who also use Uber Eats Pro may be able to earn points via Uber Eats and have them count toward Uber Pro statuses. 

However, those who exclusively deliver with Uber Eats are not eligible for Uber Pro. Instead, they will need to use the Uber Eats Pro program. And yes, there is a difference. 

Uber Eats Pro is currently in beta testing and available in a few select cities. However, rewards are similar. For example: 

  • 100% tuition coverage at Arizona State University 
  • 25% discounted car maintenance 
  • 5% cash back on gas with the Uber Visa Debit Card

Just like Uber Pro, delivery workers can earn points for deliveries helping to boost their status. And by maintaining a 95% satisfaction or higher, Uber Eats Pro members are eligible for rewards. 

What Drivers Think: Does Uber Pro Help Drivers? 

Uber drivers have carried mixed reviews about the program since its inception. While the expansion of rewards is different, the foundation remains the same, and here are the big takeaways. 

The Positive: Recognition for Outstanding Drivers 

Some rideshare drivers go above and beyond in the amount they work and the service they perform. 

This program helps to reward those drivers by providing benefits to frequent drivers and highly rated drivers and encourages others to continue striving for more. 

The Negative: There Are More Important Problems 

For some, the new program is a band-aid solution to bullet-hole-sized problems

When safety and earnings are huge concerns for drivers, adopting a reward program like this can be considered a roundabout way to fix problems. One that isn’t necessary in the present. 

Is Uber Pro Worth It for Drivers? 

Drivers that want to take advantage of as many benefits as possible might love Uber. But for many, especially part-time drivers, the program is unattainable. 

Rather than chasing those statuses and potentially pushing yourself too far, continue work at a sustainable and safe space for you.

You’ll need to decide if the requirements for the program make sense for your bandwidth. For example, the Diamond Status cna require as many as 1800 points. 

During a three-month period, that is 400 points a month. Assuming you stick to one-point-per-trip drives, that’s 13-14 trips per day – something that is unattainable for most. 

How to Apply for Uber Pro

Applying for Uber Pro is very similar to the way a driver initially applies to work with Uber. For those already active and with the downloaded app, you can head straight to the Uber Pro tab in the app. There, you’ll find more information on eligibility to participate.