How To Create a Good Survey Question (& Other Survey Tips)

Surveys are a great way to gather feedback from your customers, employees, or other stakeholders. But success depends on the ability to ask a good survey question. A well-crafted survey question can help you get the information you need to make informed decisions and improve customer satisfaction. However, poorly written questions can lead to inaccurate … Read more

Survey Bias: What It Is and How to Prevent It

Survey bias is a phenomenon that occurs when the results of a survey are skewed due to the way questions are asked or how respondents interpret them. It can lead to inaccurate data and faulty conclusions, so it’s crucial that researchers and businesses alike be aware of survey bias and take steps to prevent it. … Read more

Everything to Know About Online Focus Groups

video conferencing session on a laptop screen - making money online

Gone are the days when companies had to rely solely on traditional focus groups and surveys to get feedback from their consumers. Instead, there are online focus groups. Online focus groups have become an increasingly popular tool for gathering data, as they provide businesses with a quick and cost-effective way to gain insights into their … Read more

Top Mobile Survey Apps to Earn Extra Income in 2023

Mobile survey apps have emerged as a great way for people to make extra money in the digital age. They allow users to participate in market research surveys, answer questions, and receive rewards or payment for their time. Surveys are an important tool for businesses as they help provide valuable consumer insights that can be … Read more

Statistical Significance | How Many Survey Respondents Do I Need?

When it comes to collecting data, you want to make sure that your survey responses are statistically significant. A few factors can go into this, including sample sizes and how many respondents are needed – all of which are tested for validity to ensure statistical significance. But how do you determine what an appropriate sample … Read more

Qualitative vs Quantitative Research: Which Is the Best Research Method?

Research is an important tool in helping us to better understand the world around us. It can help answer questions, solve problems, and provide insights into topics of interest. This often raises the question of which is better, aka the battle of qualitative vs quantitative research. Qualitative research involves gathering data through open-ended methods such … Read more