What Drivers Need to Know About Lyft Pink Now

Lyft has introduced a new program to benefit riders to bring the VIP experience to riders.

Known as Lyft Pink, the program provides a number of benefits for riders to take advantage of while relying on the services they already use and love.

From extras like priority rides when using the app to benefits on their personal cars, this is everything to know about Lyft Pink, including how the benefits may impact drivers. 

Understanding Lyft Pink

Riders who are interested in making the most out of their Lyft use may find Lyft Pink to be the perfect addition. After signing up, riders can enjoy a number of benefits that are exclusive to the program. 

Regarding the program, Anand Subbarayan, Head of Lyft Pink says: 

“Our goal is to deliver outsized value to our riders through Lyft Pink, so we’ve reduced the pricing while also expanding the benefits offered to our members. Lyft Pink is the best way to access our transportation network and we’re always working to make the program more accessible and more valuable for members. We look forward to continuing to grow Lyft Pink with more exclusive benefits, savings, and unique experiences to come.” 

For a fee of $9.99/month, Lyft Pink members can enjoy these benefits

  • Free priority pickup upgrades 
  • 5% off Lux, preferred, or XL rides
  • Relaxed cancellations
  • Free year of Grubhub+
  • Roadside assistance 
  • Free SIXT car rental upgrades

Free Priority Pickup Upgrades

This perk allows riders to get a priority pickup upgrade for the same cost as a standard ride.

So, if someone with Lyft Pink chose to boost their ride priority, it would put them at the front of the line with no extra cost, aside from membership cost.

This applies to all vehicle types, including preferred, XL, and Lux. 

Roadside Assistance

Free roadside assistance is available for vehicles owned by a Lyft Pink member. The vehicle must be added to your rider information in the Lyft app and covers four events during one year.

They can include flat tires or running out of gas. Every event or service takes away from your annual allowance.

If you surpass four, the fifth will not be covered under Lyft Pink, and a rider will be liable to pay for the full amount. 

Relaxed Ride Cancellations

Lyft Pink members can cancel a ride and rebook it within 15 minutes to receive a credit for the cancellation fee up to 3 times a month.

The credit will come after the replacement ride is complete and will be a $5 credit to the Lyft account of the rider. 

Return Item Fee

Forget a phone? An expensive umbrella? Normally, a rider would need to fork over $15 to have their item returned as a reimbursement for the driver’s time and energy.

With Lyft Pink, that fee is waived, and the benefit does not have a limit. A forgetful rider can use that benefit a dozen times a month. 

Lyft Pink All Access

Riders can also choose to do Lyft Pink All Access which is an annual membership for $199/year.

All Access includes all of the benefits included with the basic Lyft Pink plan, but also additional benefits like bike and scooter benefits. 

Bike Benefit 

Those that want a little extra with their membership, like bike access, can opt into the All Access upgrade.

For Lyft All Access members, they get unlimited free 45-minute bike rides, and e-bike unlocks.

Anything over the 45-minute length is discounted by 25%. This benefit is only available in certain locations. 

How Lyft Pink May Impact Drivers

There is a lot of a grey area when it comes to how the Lyft Pink benefits for riders will negatively impact drivers.

Here are just a few ways the program can potentially impact a driver’s workflow. 


Lyft says that despite the discounted pay for many of Lyft’s services, drivers will be paid the same as they would by a rider who did not have Lyft Pink.

Lyft does not mention any extra benefit for drivers who work with Lyft Pink riders which means no additional compensation for prioritization.

Lyft explicitly states that Lyft Pink does not cover tips for drivers in the terms and conditions.

However, some drivers may believe that their extra fees for membership may go toward that cost. 

Ride Cancellations 

Cancellations are the bane of any driver’s existence, and with Lyft Pink, the process is that much easier for riders.

The previous discouragement of a fee that might have deterred someone in the past is eliminated because Lyft now reimburses cancellation fees 3x a month.

With nothing to lose, the question of whether cancellations for membership holders will increase arises. 

Return Item Fee

Ordinary riders must pay a $15 fee for the return of an item. However, Lyft Pink members can get their items returned for no fee at all.

Lyft does not outline how a driver will be reimbursed for their time or effort to return an item if the rider uses their Lyft Pink benefit to waive the fee.

With unlimited use, drivers may run into trouble continually having to return items without that standard fee.

Free Lyft Pink Membership for Top Drivers

On the brighter side, Lyft has also announced that Lyft Pink memberships will be given to top drivers as outlined by the Lyft Rewards program.

Who qualifies as a top driver remains undefined; however, to be in the top tiers of Gold and Platinum, a driver must have a score of 80%. 

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Final Thoughts

Because Lyft Pink is still in its beginning stages, the impact of the program is not well-known. Lyft has reserved the right to modify as in add, remove, or change benefits at any time.

As the program continues to become widely available and used, Lyft Pink may evolve with feedback from riders and drivers alike.

While it may seem worth it for frequent riders, avid drivers are not sure how the program will affect them in the short and long-term future. 

Have a specific Lyft Pink question? Visit Lyft’s FAQ page.