How to Understand Your DoorDash Earnings Statement

Understanding your DoorDash earnings statement is never an easy feat. There are a number of terms you need to familiarize yourself with, which can be a headache.

To help you better understand your earnings statement and the newest line balance on your app, we’ve broken down everything you need to know right here.

Not all statements look the same, but here are some common items a Dasher might see on their weekly breakdown or statement.


The activity section is an all-encompassing look at a dasher’s activity during a week or pay period. To help Dashers better understand the specifics of their activity, the app further breaks it down by Dash Time, Active Time, and Deliveries. 

Dash Time

Your Dash Time is the amount of time you spent online from the time of initiating the session to ending it. 

Active Time 

Active Time specifically measures the amount of time a driver is on an active delivery. This time will start accumulating once you’ve accepted a delivery and will run until the order is complete. 


The Deliveries summary is simply the number of deliveries that you have completed during a week. If you were only able to complete two deliveries during the pay period, “2” should show up here. 

Total Earnings 

The earnings section will break down everything to do with pay for the week. At the top are the net earnings for the week with secondary sections describing the specifics of your earnings. 

DoorDash Pay 

DoorDash Pay details the base pay for the deliveries during the pay period. Usually, it will include the amount you’ve earned from Dashing jobs throughout the week. 

DoorDash Pay Adjustment 

Some states and localities have a minimum amount that contractors must make. Additionally, DoorDash also has a minimum threshold that Dashers will make while working.

If the amount you’ve made through your DoorDash pay does not meet or exceed the guaranteed earnings minimum, you may be eligible for an adjustment by DoorDash. This is an automatic process. Read more about DoorDash’s guarantee here.

Customer Tip 

Dashers keep 100% of the tips they earn while delivering. Any tips accrued during the week will show up here. 

Daily pay 

Pay can be further broken down into daily earnings, which allows drivers to pinpoint their earnings throughout the week. This number usually excludes tips and special earnings, exclusively breaking down DoorDash Pay. 

Other Pay 

Below the dashes section, you may see a section called Other Pay. This is where you might see bonuses and additional earnings like extra delivery pay, referral bonuses, challenge bonuses, guaranteed earnings, reimbursements, and cancellation fees. 

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Miscellaneous Earnings & Reimbursements

There are a number of other associated expenses and costs that may pop up in your earnings statements from time to time. These general terms may come up when Dashing or ridesharing, though not all are applicable in every situation. 


If you need to pay a toll while on an active delivery, DoorDash does not reimburse for the cost. 

Cancel Earnings

When a customer cancels their delivery with a driver for whatever reason (outside of the grace period), the driver will be provided a convenience fee for their trouble. This fee can be found on the cancel earnings line of your statement. 

Commercial Insurance Credits

Rideshare and delivery drivers require specific insurance for their vehicles when working. If you live in a place where it is required, you may receive a commercial insurance credit to help cover the cost of insurance. 

Paid Sick and Safe Time 

Rideshare and delivery companies have started to offer paid sick and safe time in response to the coronavirus. If eligible, drivers may be able to receive up to 14 days of paid sick and safe time. 

CA Earnings Adjustment

California mandates that some contractors make 120% of the minimum wage. Because of this, any earnings below this will be adjusted. 

Bonuses & Rewards

Lucky for drivers, there are a number of bonuses and rewards that can help to up earnings throughout the year. Here are just a few that might pop up on your earnings statement from time to time. 


Any general bonus payment a delivery driver has earned during the week can be found here. 

Streak Bonuses

If you accept multiple back-to-back deliveries during a busy time, you may be eligible for a “streak” bonus!

Top Bonuses

If you’re deemed a top driver in your area, you may be eligible for a top driver bonus. The bonus amount will show up here but can vary. 

Preferred Bonuses

When you accept a preferred delivery, you may be compensated with a small bonus. Preferred deliveries are an option presented to customers who want extra comfort in the car they choose. 


Have someone in your life that may want to drive? You’re able to receive a driver referral bonus within one to two billing cycles. 

Guarantee Bonus

Some localities require a minimum income for delivery and rideshare drivers. Because of this, any gap between your earnings and the minimum required by law may be supplemented by your app. 

Rental Fees

If you’re currently renting a vehicle through an affiliate of DoorDash to deliver, you may see associated rental fees right in the app. 

Rental Rate

This is the amount that you’re paying for your rental each pay period. They may subtract the amount of your rental rate from your earnings automatically. 

Fuel Surcharge

The cost of fuel for the rented vehicle upon return if not equal to what it was when initially rented. 

Loss Damage Waiver

The cost of the waiver covers the loss and damages associated with the rental car. This is not required. 

Rental Taxes & Fees

Taxes and fees associated with your rental. 

Rental Misc

Any remaining expenses associated with your rental that do not fit into another rental fee category. 

Taxes & Fees

A few remaining miscellaneous taxes and fees may pop up on your next earnings statement. 

Express Pay Fee

Need money sooner than payday? You can withdraw your earnings sooner, but it will cost you. The express pay fee is a small fee put on early withdrawals. 

GST/HST Taxes 

Additional taxes may be placed on earnings in certain locations. The Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) are two examples of local additional tax deductions for contractors.